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Hybridity is a COVID-19 safe and cost-effective virtual event platform, developed in collaboration with top IT- and Event Marketing companies. From formal conferences to entertaining events - it's tested, it works!

Virtual Conferences and workshops



Stakeholder meetings

Entertaining events

Events that require ID-identification

How does it work?

large number of speakers on the stage (8 at the same time)
VIP guests on iPads
two-way participants via video platform

Unlimited number of people watching online

Set the event objectives

Create the content and brief all stakeholders

Execute virtual event​

Produce PR materials and streamline event follow-up​

What makes hybridity different

Studio set-up

Unique, elaborate stage design and entertaining show format

Professional moderator/host

A virtually experienced moderator of your choice will lead the conversations, to guarantee a smooth rundown of the event

Multi-level engagement

Virtual tools allow participants to vote and ask questions, have one-on-one conversations, be creative through drawing and mind mapping, and have an overview of the event schedule via an app.

Virtual Reality (VR) for maximum experience​

Advanced projects combine virtual solutions with virtual reality, allowing for in-depth conversation. VR events engage participant’s in interaction,  allowing to work together in selected environment without being in physical contact. Attendees will receive VR glasses with a guidelines before the event.

Studio in a box​

To hold a high-quality virtual event, the speaker does not have to leave their home. In addition to the usual live stream or conference call, we can offer a new and compact studio solution, where we send the recording equipment to the participant in a box. Our technical support helps to connect it to the internet and the transfer can start!

Event app

A well-designed action plan keeps the participants' constant attention and values everyone's time.

Mind mapping

It all starts with an idea. Sketch, develop and share ideas visually and in a structured way.

Q & A

Involve participants in managing the content of the event, allowing them to ask questions in a live feed or in a question-and-answer round.

Polls & voting

Collect real time information from your audience by asking their opinion.

Social media

Share thoughts and experiences between participants using the event hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, company website, etc.

Virtual group photo

Capture the moment and get a group photo of your virtual event!


The content of the event is illustrated digitally in real time and can be shared immediately after the event, so the most important part of the event - the content - is better captured.

Word Cloud

Word cloud turns the list of words into pictures, looks beautiful and highlights the most important points.

Group work

Divide your audience into groups and go deeper into the topics. Top-up with results and discussions.

Creative extras​

Get inspired through concerts and stand-up shows, save time by offering a lunch via courier service or create a gala atmosphere by tasting delicious drinks from your couch. You don’t have to leave home, we’ll bring it all to you!

What others say about us

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„It was really nice to participate in this, thanks for the opportunity. I like the set-up with a studio and different speakers. Compared to other solutions I’ve seen so far, yours is really good!“
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„It’s a really professional set-up you’ve been putting together in this short time. Congratulations for a great job – well done!“
PAUL PIIKKinoteater
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"In some cases enables artists to carry out their performance more personally and intimately than on the live show."
MARKO ERMANN IT system administrator Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia
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"Virtual conference taken place in Culture Hub was executed with high quality over secured government IT network, where there is known to be some constraints in the system"
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„Felt as if I was part of a public event“
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„Not bad, quite immersive. This tech could be used to do online conferences. I liked it a lot“
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“The virtual conferencing solution takes its inspiration from our 50 years of live event experience. Live Marketing agencies know how important personal interaction is, and with this solution we combine COVID-19 safe and secure online conferencing with a human touch in a visually attractive and stimulating setting. It’s made for complex, multilevel online situations with a wide variety of stakeholders.”

It's more than just a regular conference call. See for yourself!

"In addition to live broadcasts, for example, a virtual studio solution is not just cool technology. We understand that in a rapidly changing world, agile adaptation, ingenuity and efficiency are needed. Our team of experts works closely with your company to set precise goals and enable sustainable development."
Lehari Kaustel

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