Book presentation on virtual stage brought together record number viewers

Book presentation on virtual stage brought together more than 10 400 readers

Roland Tokko and Harald Lepiski’s new book “My life’s calling” was presented on a virtual stage on the 14th of April. The virtual event turned out to be so popular that it became the largest virtual book presentation with the highest number of participants in Estonia so far, collecting more than 10,400 views.

During the presentation, 799 participants connected on the event platform and more than 100 people have used the opportunity to rewatch the contactless conference.

Tokko’s goal was to organize a book presentation with the largest number of participants, the initial target of 500 participants was exceeded several times. “It seems that this event served a much bigger purpose than just a book presentation. It was like a sign that everything is possible even at such a time,” he says. According to Tokko, it provided inspiration and confirmed that virtual events can be made equal to physical ones – maybe even more innovative and cool.