End of emergency situation was celebrated with a powerful virtual concert

The emergency situation in Estonia ended on Sunday, May 17 and was celebrated with a unique contactless virtual concert. A concert titled “Spring came differently” by Ivo Linna and Supernova took place at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, in which thousands of Estonians took part via a live broadcast. 

For the first time, 2500 choir singers had the opportunity to sing together under laulukaar (the arch of the Song Festival Grounds) without being physically present. The special solution allowed the participants to switch screens and sing together through the Telia call complex system, which buzzed the calls and allowed them to be mixed on the sound console. The singers and technicians were led by top conductor Aarne Saluveer. Lehari Kaustel, author and initiator of the idea said that the venture was extraordinary and no such virtual event has been held before. People were able to attend the concert by car and choose the right radiofrequency to listen to.

Read more and watch the video here.