Hannes Hermaküla visited the contactless conference hall

Reporter Hannes Hermaküla of the show “Ringvaade” got acquainted with the complete solution of the new hybrid conference of the crisis period created by Estonians, which has been in operation since the beginning of March. The leader of the contactless conference project is Lehari Kaustel, the head of the Royal Experience agency, who says that such a solution will be popular even during the period when the virus is under control – there will be no need to fly to another location and book hotels.

The solution has proven to be very popular both in Estonia and abroad –  many virtual conference calls have been made, the participants include several ministers and also President Kersti Kaljulaid. The team that works behind the event platform consists of a number of technicians, all of whom contribute that everything is tested and the online conference environment works seamlessly.

Have a look at the video: https://menu.err.ee/1076875/hannes-hermakula-katsetas-virtuaalset-konverentsisaali