Henrik Kalmet’s charity stand up show in support of the Estonian Food Bank

On Saturday, April 18, a charity stand-up performance took place at Kultuurikatel via a virtual event platform. The show was named “Emergency in Square”, describing in a humorous way how people have adapted to the restrictions set by the virus outbreak. A total of 4,444 tickets were sold, and the proceeds of 43,143 euros were donated to Eesti Toidupank. Kalmet managed to perform five 30-minute performances that started every full hour.

Kalvet describes that he is emotionally tired but very satisfied and grateful to be able to contribute to helping those in need. The venue of the performances was Kultuurikatel and the virtual contactless studio located there. According to Lehari Kaustel, the leader of virtual solutions, it is positive that people have maintained peace in times of crisis and work together for common goals.

The cinema’s charity performances were born in collaboration with Royal Experience, Eventech, Miltton New Nordics, Minu Rada TV, Valge Klaar, Kultuurikatla and Telia.