Estonia helps organize UN event commemorating srebrenica genocide victims

On 10 July 2020, a high-level event at the UN commemorated the victims of the genocide committed 25 years ago in Srebrenica, Bosnia. The virtual event was held on a platform created by an Estonian company.

Estonia was represented by Sven Jürgenson, Estonia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, who noted in his statement that Estonia strongly supported the French-Mexican proposal of voluntarily restraining the use of veto powers in the Security Council in situations involving mass atrocity crimes.

“The Srebrenica genocide must not be forgotten. It clearly demonstrates the need for a timely and decisive international response,” Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu said. “Injustice and impunity have proven in the past to be the main obstacles to healing, and could create fertile ground for the recurrence of conflict,” he added.

The commemorative event for Srebrenica was held on the Global Virtual Solutions platform Hybridity, created in Estonia and used at several high-level events organised by Estonia, including during the Estonian Presidency of the UN Security Council in May. “It is a great privilege that the solution provided by Global Virtual Solutions is finding diverse use the UN and our technology can contribute to the discussion of such serious issues,” producer of the Hybridity solution Lehari Kaustel said.

The Srebrenica genocide took place in 1995 towards the end of the Bosnian War and it involved the massacre of more than 8000 mainly male Bosniaks.

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