Hybrid event – what is there to know and why is it the most effective way to organise an event?

The pandemic has hit the world hard – our social norms have been uniquely affected, but it is our working lives that have seen the greatest disruption. The situation has given us a lot of time on our hands to come up with something brilliant as fast as possible. Hybridity Global Virtual Solutions, created in collaboration with Royal Experience, Vok Dams and Miltton, was our gateway to survive. A hybrid, the event that combines in-person events with virtual online elements has already been taking place for a long time, but today there is a need for it more than ever before.

A new way of event management, such as hybrid events, is going to have an impact on events as we know today. They are not yet at their peak as many people still begin to better understand the concept. This is the perfect time to talk about it and share our knowledge, considering it is one of the strongest survival methods of the live events industry during the pandemic.

Advantages of a hybrid events

  • Simple and flexible
    Hybrid events provide the flexibility to still execute an event as per the picture in your head and allow you to spread your message in an efficient way to a much wider audience.
  • Green events – cut the costs of travels
    The attendees can enjoy the event in the comfort of their own home, simplifying planning, cutting the costs of travels and accommodation, and reducing the detrimental impact on the environment.
  • High level of interaction
    Hybrid events are all about interaction with people. They incorporate entertaining solutions: live polls, quizzes, moderated Q&As and other interactive tools, making the virtual event feel like a physical one.
  • Accessible and inclusive
    They can be accessed all over the world and by anyone, keeping in mind the individuals with disabilities.
  • Reliable and smooth
    Hybrid events are reliable as they ensure a steady and smooth connection and broadcast amid any kind of contingencies, for instance bad weather or an unleashed pandemic.
  • Reports and data collection
    This event type makes it easy to gather data – it is detailed, accurate, promptly available, and simple to analyze. It helps you to study your consumer profiles and make future decisions to improve the event experience.

There are many advantages to this solution, making it a potential option for different companies with diverse requests, taking place wherever your heart desires.


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