Inspira new weekly contactless virtual lessons focus on studying and teaching

The first contactless virtual school lesson on learning and teaching took place on April 2 in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research, the Estonian Association of Educational Technologies and Telia. The lesson lasts 60 minutes and can later be watched on the Youtube channel of the Ministry of Education and Research, on Telia TV and the web. The school lesson was conducted from Kultuurikatla’s contactless studio in cooperation with Miltton New Nordics, Eventech, Royal Experience, Minu Rada and Valge Klaar companies.

Contactless virtual lessons are primarily aimed at grade 7.-12. students, their teachers and parents. Classes bring refreshment to distance learning and teach young people to learn more effectively. The first lesson was conducted by Tallinn University education experts Grete Arro and Kriste Talving. They state that it is necessary to pay conscious attention to the ways of learning so that what is learned will be remembered for a long time.