We are the North Star Film Alliance, a joint endeavour by Estonia, Finland and Latvia to promote the countries’ beautiful and unique locations, robust film industry infrastructure, and generous cash incentives. This showcase aims to inform and entice industry professionals by outlining the numerous advantages offered by these three countries. From film commissioners, producers, and industry experts, you will learn about our generous, straightforward, and easy-to-access incentives and you will see some examples of the many spectacular locations in the region—for projects big and small.Even if you do not yet have an active project in mind, you are warmly welcomed to enjoy the presentation for future reference, as the region offers a vibrant, adaptive, and smart group of top film professionals capable of fulfilling the needs of any production.We like short talks and bold acts, so expect some time-efficient overviews!


Event duration 1h

  • Introduction w/ Ettie Mikita
  • Incentives and cash rebate process (LV, EE, FI)
  • Panel Q&A
  • FAM tour w/ Eleonora Granata Jenkinson
  • Meet the Makers (LV, EE, FI)
  • Panel Q&A
  • Wrapping up


  • Dace Lešinska (Administrator of Riga Film Fund, LV)
  • Nele Paves (Film Commissioner, EE)
  • Eleonora Granata Jenkinson (NSFA North American agent, Producer)
  • Timo Vierimaa (Producer, FI)
  • Ivo Felt (Producer, EE)
  • Jānis Kalējs (Head of Latvian Film Service Producers Association, LV)
  • Moderated by
  • Ettie Mikita (NSFA Project Manager)


You can find everything you need to know here on this link:



The Estonian Film Institute, partnered with the City of Helsinki and Riga City Council are the organizations behind NSFA. Our associate partners are Business Finland, National Film Centre of Latvia and the Film Services Producers Association of Latvia, best friends to have in production while around here!

North Star Film Alliance is a joint venture between Estonia, Latvia & Finland servicing global film and TV productions.