Santas around the world are meeting in Estonia to declare “Christmas is not canceled!” and to raise funds for UNICEF

The ongoing corona crisis makes the traditional pre-holiday gatherings of Santa Clauses practically impossible, which is why the Virtual Congress of Santa Clauses will be held for the first time on December 13th under the leadership of Estonia, Finland and the USA.

This enables nearly 10,000 Santa Clauses from all over the world to meet through the virtual studio in Tallinn, Estonia, and to raise funds for children in need.

“Christmas is a holiday associated with togetherness, peace and positivity. However, in the year of the corona crisis, nothing is the same and it sounds as if the Grinch is really trying to steal our Christmas, “said Lehari Kaustel, the CEO of Global Virtual Solutions, the company behind organizing the event. “However, a smart nation lives in Estonia. Thanks to the advanced virtual solutions designed in here, Santas from all over the world can still meet in the biggest virtual studio in Europe. Santa Clauses from 102 countries have already committed to our cause and we are currently on track for having thousands snow white beards on screen. This will probably set an unofficial world record.”

The program of the Santa Claus Congress includes greetings from Santa Clauses from Finland, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Russia and Japan, a brief overview of the world’s Christmas traditions and a musical performance by the Santa Claus ensemble. During the Santa Claus Congress it’s possible to donate through UNICEF and support children in need.

Anyone can join the live broadcast of the Congress of Santa Claus on December 13 at 5 PM (UTC+2:00; Helsinki, Tallinn, Athens, Johannesburg).

Background information

Website for the event: From the website you can also find more information about the event.

In 2020, Global Virtual Solutions has hosted virtual talks between the United States and the European Union, a three-sea virtual summit between presidents, and a Business Survival Summit bringing together entrepreneurs from around the world. GVS has also arranged virtual events and meetings for large international forums, such as The World Bank, the UN Security Council and the European Space Week.

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